Soirée Dancehall Music Vendredi 13 octobre

Pour sa première soirée au MONT FOOT 5 Annecy
HIGH JA VIBES invite spécialement de Genève le sound Ma Gash Intl et les copains du Blaze Sound. Ça se passe le vendredi 13 octobre à partir de 22h. Une petite initiation à la danse « DANCEHALL » vous sera proposé par les dancehall queen de la JAM’IN FAMILY.
PAF 5 euros

** Ma Gash Intl **

Ma Gash Intl was founded in 2005 by a large group of friends from Geneva who loved Reggae Music and had been going to dancehall nights for several years.The group grew and made it up to nine members including several mcs, selectors, operators, designers and more. Ma Gash first got known in Geneva City by playing monthly at a club called K-Bar located in Artamis. The crew started promoting dancehall parties inviting many sounds from Geneva and other Swiss Cities, and was soon invited to play in other parts of Switzerland as well.

Having studied Reggae Music and the Sound System Industry for many years, Ma Gash always showed interest in Soundclashes and won the first Geneva 45’ Clash in 2006, which they won again in 2008.The crew also came in second the next year in the Matterhorn Cup Clash, counting 12 sounds from the whole of Switzerland.

In 2008, Ma Gash took a new direction with selectors moving all over the world.They started playing in New York, Montreal and Sydney, becoming an international sound system representing Switzerland around the globe.

Ma Gash won the Geneva Soundclash in 2009 and also won the first Mountain 45 Shoot Out the same year. In 2010, Ma Gash was yet again on the war scene and won a Maccabeez Clash in Brooklyn New York and also won the BADDA DAN CLASH (tag team edition with Idren Sound) and became the first sound from geneva to bring that trophy home.

In 2012, Ma Gash challenged Bass Odyssey do a dub fi dub in Clarendon, JA which lasted for over 2 hours and was very well received by the clash community. The following year, they defeated LP International in Trinidad by a Lock Off, using in part a segment of dubplates from Mavado which received the name « Gully marathon », which later gave Ma Gash a « gully » sound reputation. In 2014, Ma Gash locked off Tek9 in Queens, NY and defeated Supersonic at the Keep it Real Jam in Germany. In 2015, after being booked in Jamaica twice a year since 2012, Ma Gash finally clashed for the first time in Jamaica. The clash, labelled War Climate, was one of the major Clash events in Jamaic at the time. Ma Gash won by defeating Pink Pantha, Innocent with Nasheen and Dappa, as well as King Ghetto from St Bess.

Later that year, Ma Gash clashed Soul Supreme in a one on one clash in Brooklyn New York. This clash was one of the final clashes in Albany Manor, a venue that could arguably called the Biltmore Ballroom of the modern era of soundclash in NY. The clash was extremely close and is frequently referred to as one of the best clashes of the past years. In 2015, Ma Gash won a tag team clash (with Warrior Sound) in Japan defeating Yard Beat and Captain C. With this victory, Ma Gash now has trophies from Europe, Jamaica, New York, Trinidad and Japan.

** Blaze Sound**

C’est dans les hautes montagnes des Aravis que le Blaze Sound vit le jour en décembre 2004. La fusion de deux amoureux de Reggae donna naissance à l’un des premiers sound des alentours. Roddy et JB commencèrent par acquérir de nombreux vinyles, pour en faire maintenant l’une des plus importantes collections des Aravis. En ce même temps, ils enregistrèrent les premières specials des Aravis. Ils furent vite rejoins par leur MC, JC, en l’an de grâce 2005. Apres maintes péripéties et sound systems, ils partirent en croisade du vinyle absolu. Cette croisade méritant une telle énergie, l’arrivée en 2008 de trois nouveaux acolytes, ne fut pas de refus. C’est pourquoi Jules, Coco et SeeReal s’associèrent au Blaze Sound dans cette quête. Depuis ce temps, Blaze continue de récolter des disques aux grès de leurs aventures pour faire partager aux massives leur passion de la musique jamaïcaine. L’équipe a été agrandi à nouveau en 2016 avec l’arrivée de Jolak. Affaire à suivre, restez connecté !!